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Everything DiSC FAQ

What is The Everything DiSC® Workplace Profile?

Everything DiSC Workplace is a personality assessment that provides insight into our individual priorities and behavioral characteristics. Research shows that individuals tend to exhibit specific characteristics common to one of four major “personality styles.”

In the DiSC profile, these four major personality styles are grouped according to the following behavior traits:

  • Dominance - Direct, results-oriented, firm, strong-willed, forceful

  • Influence - Outgoing, enthusiastic, optimistic, high-spirited, lively

  • Steadiness - Even-tempered, accommodating, patient, humble, tactful

  • Conscientiousness - Analytical, reserved, precise, private, systematic

Who created the DiSC Model?

The original DiSC model was originally based on the work of Dr. William Moulton Marston, a contemporary of Carl Jung, inventor of the lie detector test, and perhaps most surprising of all, the creator of the Wonder Woman comic strip. The DiSC model was introduced to the public in 1928, in Marston’s book The Emotions of Normal People. Marston defined four categories of human behavior style: Dominance, Influence (Inducement), Stability (Submission) and Compliant, Conscientious or Caution. Later, the work of Marston was researched and updated by Inscape Publishing (now a Wiley Brand) at the University of Minnesota. The DiSC model and its assessments have helped over 50 million people in 20+ languages.

Do I need to be Certified to teach DiSC?

No, DiSC Certification is not required to teach DiSC workshops--but it's worth it. Completing a DiSC Certification course provides you with in depth knowledge of the profile and access to online resources by Wiley that are exclusively available to Certified DiSC Facilitators.

Can I get DiSC Certified Online?

Yes, you can! KFIDS offers Online Everything DiSC Workplace Certification. This four-week blended course was designed for the busy professional, and each weekly module begins with online coursework that you will complete at your convenience in preparation for a 90-minute virtual training session with your cohort. Throughout this blended virtual training experience, you will build relationships with other DiSC facilitators as you gain an in depth understanding of the DiSC model and decide how to make the most of the DiSC workshop as you complete a capstone project that will prepare you to customize a DiSC workshop for any organization.

Can I use DiSC for Hiring Purposes?

Please don’t. The DiSC Profile is not a predictive instrument and does not determine job fit, job fitness, or success. Instead, use it as an onboarding and team building tool to help continuously develop your team and promote positive communication in the workplace.

Why is the "i" in DiSC printed in lower case?

It was a typo. Seriously! The owners of DiSC (now called Wiley) decided to roll with it and copyright the mistake. Today, the small i distinguishes the DiSC assessment from knock off assessments that are not as robust or reliable as Wiley’s Everything DiSC assessment.

Why Choose Everything DiSC by Wiley?

Wiley profiles have strong validity and reliability, and they are used around the globe to enhance workplace culture and promote a culture of open, honest, and effective communication.

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